What are those feathers?!

OP HOG issues feather pins to members and guests for rides in which they participate on Chapter Rides according to the following value system:

Feather Pins

1 Ride (Scheduled OP HOG Ride) = 1 Red Feather
5 Red Feathers (5 Rides) = 1 Blue Feather
4 Blue (20 Rides) + 5 Red (5 rides) = 1 White Feather
4 White Feathers = 100 Ride Milestone Pin

You must turn in 5 Red Feathers to receive your Blue Feather.
You must turn in 4 Blue and 5 Red Feathers to receive your White Feather.
You must turn in 4 White Feathers to receive your 100 Ride Milestone Pin.

*********Lost Pins Don’t Count*************

Chapter Ride: A ride scheduled that includes a Road Captain, Tail Gunner, sign-in sheet and rider safety brief to a destination which completes that ride and is available for all members and guests to attend.

This value system is now in effect. Members have until June 2015 to turn in their red feather pins to receive their blue feather pins and subsequently the appropriate white feather pins.