To join the Orange Park Chapter #0679 (OPHOG) you must hold a current Full or Associate National H.O.G. membership. Associate members may join local chapters of H.O.G. regardless of what type of motorcycle they ride. Full members MUST own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Annual dues of $20 per year are each January:

  • January 1 thru September 30 – $20.00
  • October 1 thru December 31 – $10.00
  • Last quarter prorated amount is for new members only.

OPHOG membership expires every December or when the member’s National H.O.G. membership expires. YOU CANNOT BE A MEMBER OF OPHOG OR ANY LOCAL CHAPTER WITHOUT BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF NATIONAL H.O.G. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that national H.O.G. membership is maintained in good standing. Expiration notices WILL NOT be sent from the OPHOG for the member’s national membership. Local dues are not refundable except in accordance with the annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters.

“New members” are defined as a previous member who has allowed their national H.O.G. membership to lapse past thirty (30) days of being due, an OPHOG member who has not renewed their local membership by the first of February of each year, or a person who has never previously been a member of the OPHOG. All members are required to sign a yearly release at the time of joining and every January thereafter upon renewal. Any member who has not or refuses to sign a release will not be permitted to become or remain a member of OPHOG.

To fill out a National H.O.G. membership application click here

To fill out an Orange Park Florida Chapter #0679 membership application click here.


1. Make your dues check payable to OPHOG
2. Submit the application and appropriate dues at a chapter meeting or
3. Send the application and appropriate dues to:

c/o Adamec Harley Davidson
1520 Wells Rd
Orange Park, FL 32073